Be successful, but be happy first

At the beginning of our career, we look up to certain figures for inspiration and dream to reach as close as we can to the heights they achieve. It was a moment of great pride and opportunity when the students of TISS HRMLR (Batch 17-19) were addressed by Prabir Jha, Global Chief People Officer, Cipla on 4th August,2017.

‘It is a wonderful time to be in HR’
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HR As A Strategy And The Strategy Of HR

The first year students in any professional course are often bewildered by their surroundings and doubtful about their own whereabouts in the beginning of their journey. Human Resource Management as a field has the dual recognition of being an art as well a science. The students of HRMLR (Batch 2017-19) were fortunate to listen to Mr Pramukh Jeyathilak who narrated his experience in the human resource management field. His experience was almost equal to the age of a few students in class – from working in a small recruitment firm, being a part of the first HR team of Accenture, his stint at Microsoft and his current role in developing leadership
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